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Wise Words From Charles Spurgeon

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Here is a great quote by Charles Spurgeon, from Morning & Evening from May 31st. (bold emphasis added)


Who healeth all thy diseases.— Psalm 103:3

Humbling as is the statement, yet the fact is certain, that we are all more or less suffering under the disease of sin. What a comfort to know that we have a great Physician Who is both able and willing to heal us! Let us think of Him awhile tonight. His cures are very speedy—there is life in a look at Him; His cures are radical—He strikes at the center of the disease; and hence, His cures are sure and certain. He never fails, and the disease never returns. There is no relapse where Christ heals; no fear that His patients should be merely patched up for a season, He makes new men of them: a new heart also does He give them, and a right spirit does He put with them. He is well skilled in all diseases. Physicians generally have some specialty. Although they may know a little about almost all our pains and ills, there is usually one disease which they have studied above all others; but Jesus Christ is thoroughly acquainted with the whole of human nature. He is as much at home with one sinner as with another, and never yet did He meet with an out of the way case that was difficult to Him. He has had extraordinary complications of strange diseases to deal with, but He has known exactly with one glance of His eye how to treat the patient. He is the only universal doctor; and the medicine He gives is the only true [solution], healing in every instance. Whatever our spiritual malady may be, we should apply at once to this Divine Physician. There is no brokenness of heart which Jesus cannot bind up. His blood cleanses from all sin. We have but to think of the myriads who have been delivered from all sorts of diseases through the power and virtue of His touch, and we shall joyfully put ourselves in His hands. We trust Him, and sin dies; we love Him, and grace lives; we wait for Him and grace is strengthened; we see Him as He is, and grace is perfected forever.


Therefore by faith we are able to press on and finish the race that He has set before us. For we are new creatures, no longer living for self or this world, but we as living stones are being built into the dwelling place of God. Therefore may we live for His glory and our neighbor’s good, until He calls us home!

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