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Meditations From MacDuff

This work is a compilation of some of the writings of John MacDuff that are greatly beloved devotional styled writings that will bless the soul of the Christian. When you pick up this work you will quickly realize that you will read it again and again. MacDuff was a Scottish pastor from the 1800s.

Thoughts From Three Thomases

The majority of contemporary Christians are not well acquainted with the English Puritans. The English Puritans were Reformed Protestants who lived in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries who sought to purify the Church of England. Three well-known English Puritans were Thomas Brooks, Thomas Manton, and Thomas Watson. This work compiles a combination of these men's writings to create a daily reading for the Christian to drink in the knowledge passed down by these Godly men.

God's Design for Men and Women

God’s Design for Men and Women takes a look at some of the issues that arise within the discussion about gender and the place it takes in the life of the Christian. Following a narrative that begins with the creation story, in the book of Genesis, it continues through the Bible in order to attempt to create an understanding of what it means to live in the way that Christ has designed men and women to live.

The Works of James Smith

James Smith was a pastor at the historic New Park Street Chapel in London, England, preceded by Benjamin Keach, John Gill, and John Rippon. This church later became the Metropolitan Tabernacle pastored by C.H. Spurgeon. This compilation pulls together many of the works of James Smith. Smith writes in a simple style so that any may read and understand what he is trying to relay.

A Journey Through the Seasons with James Smith

Pastor James Smith, born in Middlesex, a county in southeast England, in 1802. He was born again around eighteen years of age and his autobiography published (Volume One) is well worth reading. James Smith served as pastor of New Park Street Church in London from 1841 until 1850. He was a prolific writer, and his writings were very popular in his day. His successor at New Park Street was Charles Haddon Spurgeon, who is much more widely known in Christian circles. Pastor Smith went to be with the Lord he loved in 1862.

Riches Increased

This is a work written by Puritan Thomas Gouge on the benefits and necessities of giving to the poor. It is a wealth of practical and convictional material with an introduction from Thomas Manton, John Owen, and Richard Baxter.

A Land of Shadows

A Land of Shadows brings imagery to mind that attempts to relate a variety of effects and causes throughout Creation that glorify God or point to His attributes. It delves into thinking deeper about how the world was created and what purpose there was behind its creation. A Land of Shadows attempts to shed light into areas that most Christians have never considered, the manner by which Creation reflects and echoes the beauty of the Gospel, seen by all but understood by only a select number of people.

Riches From Ryle

This work contains writings from the works of J. C. Ryle that have been compiled into daily readings to encourage the believer in their walk with God. Ryle was an Anglican Bishop during the 19th century and his writings encourage those of the Christian faith to this day.

Truth or Fiction

Truth or Fiction is an attempt to demonstrate and relay the reality that the Roman Catholic Church holds to, believes, and teaches a gospel that is quite different from the gospel that has been held to and taught by the Church throughout history.

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