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Arrogance & Apathy: Neither Are Compatible with Christianity

Neither arrogance nor apathy are compatible with Christianity. Arrogance, because only by the grace of God can we sinners be saved. Apathy, because God Himself is at work in us.

When man thinks about religion it is always about what he must do and about what he can do. When one thinks about the great abilities he possesses he is filled with arrogance, because his universe revolves around himself. When one thinks about what he must do he is the standard, therefore, he coasts or drifts because he is content with himself.

But with Christianity it is all about God; His abilities, His promises and His glory. Therefore, saving/genuine faith kills arrogance & apathy. Arrogance, because left to ourselves and our abilities we know that we would die in our sins and remain enemies with God. Apathy, because all of life is lived before a holy God who created us physically and spiritually. He gave us all that we have and made us who we are.

Christianity is a kingdom that is not of this world, therefore it cannot be worldly. God’s kingdom does not rely on the ability and power of man; therefore, it cannot be ignored.

To be a "Christian" who is arrogant is to think far too much of self and to be apathetic is to think far too little of God. This is American “Christianity" not Biblical Christianity. American “Christianity" saves no one. It is only through the preaching of the Word of God that individuals are saved.

How is it that "American Christians" can spend so much time and money to be impressive (the size of the buildings), to be current, to be relative, to be liked, to be popular, and to have political power, etc.??? Because it is not of God, it is of man; or more specifically of the devil. American “Christianity" cares more about who the next president will be, more about their financial security (which certainly includes a great retirement package and luxurious vacations). They care more about their rights as Americans than they do about God, the Church, missions, truth, justice, life, mercy, and dying daily so God would be exalted, the Church encouraged, and sinners saved.


Lord please make me Your humble servant, and please use me to be Your instrument of grace to accomplish Your will in this world - regardless of the cost because this is not my home and my true joy is to be in Your presence for all eternity.

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