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Equal, Though Denied

The common theme over the past ten to twenty years in sports has been an outcry for women to be treated the same as men. There are cries for equal pay, equal television rights, and many other things. If you go against these cries, you hate women. If you simply point out the difference between men and women's sports, namely the quality and the athletic differences, you hate women. All the cries for equality want to say that women and men are the same. All the cries want to make you feel guilty that men's sports are more impressive statistically. All the cries want to make you think that women should be in men's sports and men in women's sports.

But, these cries and perceptions couldn't be further from the truth. Men and women have been uniquely created by God. One to be a man and the other to be a woman. There is no mixing of the two. Having women in men's sports declares that you have no care for women, for they could be brutally injured (think a 350lb defensive lineman smashing into your 180lb athletic daughter trying to play running back with the force of a train moving 60 miles an hour). Is that what providing women equality looks like? Signing them up to be dominated and waiting to see how they may be brutally injured. Or maybe you think I am exaggerating, and you think that I just gave an example of the most physically taxing sport while ignoring others. Well, how would you feel to see your daughter slide through the paint in a rotation switch on defense to step in front of a full speed running 6'9", 250lb forward on his way to flying to the rim for a massive dunk. As you watch the scene in horror, your daughter makes the basketball play and attempts to take a charge. Grown men the same size are thrown 10-15 feet across the court, you decide how far your daughter would be flung in such a situation and decide if that would be your desire for your little girl.

I am in no way against women's sports. In fact, I think that they provide a great opportunity for WOMEN to excel above all other women in something that they love to do. You see, the distinction that no one seems to be willing to make, is that while men and women are both capable of using their brains to think and accomplish the same goals, tasks, or assignments, their bodies have not been created to do the same things. All you have to do is watch the Olympics (or another such competition) where you can see direct comparisons between how a woman does the exact same event and how a man does it. For instance, just watch a skiing event where they go off of jumps and do flips and twists. The force that men come into the ramp with and the force that they can create with their body in the air allows them to create massively larger tricks than the women. While the women's events are extremely impressive (for the ordinary man, such as myself, could never hope to accomplish the same tricks as these women) the men's are even more impressive. This doesn't mean that the women are less than, but merely that God has created their bodies to work differently. They are at the top of their field, they are impressive!

Then you come to the recent develops over the past year in women's collegiate swimming. A few short months ago, we were cheering proudly for these women as they fought to achieve their dreams in the summer Olympics. Swimming against the best women in the world, and doing their families and countries proud. Women like Regan Smith, Lydia Jacoby, Alex Walsh, Kate Douglas, and Emma Weyant to name a few, all medaled in the most recent Olympics. Yet, on Thursday night the sport that those women all love was distorted in the most grotesque way. A man was allowed to compete in the 500 yard freestyle, and he plans to compete in more races to follow during the women's competition. Not only has the NCAA spit in the face of every woman who has had to get in a pool with this man all season long, they have now allow his name to enter into record books as the national champion. This is above disgraceful! The winner of the 500 yard event, was none other than the best American female swimmer in the 400 meter event just a short time ago at the Olympics. Emma Weyant won Thursday night, yet due to the despicable actions of the NCAA, she will enter the record books as having placed second.

This not only damages NCAA sports, but tells young girls that no matter how magnificent an athlete they are, there will always be a mediocre man who can take away everything that they have worked for to become the pinnacle of their sport. These young women have fought and worked to perfect their craft and due to a boards decision to ignore the God ordained created order, they no longer feel the joy of conquering in those battles. They are not awarded with the praise and accolades that they deserve, and have rightfully won. The NCAA should be ashamed of themselves, and everyone that congratulates a man for beating women in a race should be ashamed of themselves.

I deeply applaud those in the crowd, whether athletes families or not, in their continued efforts the entire swimming season to cheer those young women who have won those races, while at the same time remaining absolutely silent for the man who is distorting the sport they love so much. It takes courage to stand against this push for a fake equality that clearly is no equality at all.

May God grant these families strength to continue to protest, to continue to clamor for the rightful winners to be crowned in every race that this man has partaken of. May God grant these women who have won the peace to know that they won, without having to be proclaimed as such, they know it, and everyone else does too! May God have mercy on us as a country!

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