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His Arms

This past week I have been thinking a lot about God's love and care for His children. A week ago the artist Ledger released a new song called My Arms. This song has been on repeat in my head and on my speakers all week long. It is written from God's perspective and attempts to show how we should react to being His child.

There are a few lines that continue ringing out from the rest of the song:

You're not the one who needs to be strong

Fall into My arms

I see you right where you are

I hear the whisper of your heart

And it's okay to fall apart

I will carry you in My arms

So very often, even though we know that it's not true, we often live like we have to do everything on our own. We have to keep fighting to meet expectations, striving to present a brave front, or trying to be something that we aren't. But this is merely a facade, we are never going to meet the expectations of ourselves, or others. We may think that we present a brave front to others, but God sees what we are actually dealing with and knows all we pretend not to deal with. God knows who we truly are, we cannot be someone we are not with Him. Even if we fool others, God sees right through our lies and false pretenses. He sees through our pretend bravado that we present to others. He sees our deepest wounds, struggles, and scars.

For me, this song by Ledger has been a beautiful reminder that we don't need to be any of those things. On our own, we can't be those things. We are so imperfect, that anything we try to do on our own is so tainted that it comes out a mess. Yet, we have something so much greater. For those who believe that Jesus is God, we have a Mediator who conquered everything that we could face. We don't need to be strong, it's pointless for us to try to be. The only Strong One is Christ. He carry's us to the Father, presenting us as whole, blameless. The more we rely on Him, the stronger we are. We must fall into His arms, any fight that we have must be ceased. We must rely on Him solely!

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