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Hudson Colombia Update

Dear family and friends,

We just wanted to take this time to wish you all a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are grateful for your prayers, love, and support, especially during this difficult past year. At our wedding three years ago, we chose to sing the old hymn, “To God Be the Glory” and it goes on to say “great things He hath done!” In times of trial and joy, our prayer is that we continue to echo those words that remind us of God’s faithfulness to us.

A quick personal and ministry update is that we were able to come home to the PA side for this Christmas, and we praise God for that opportunity to be with friends and family as we got ready to celebrate our daughter’s 1 year birthday in glory. John 14:1-3 talks about our hearts not being troubled, to believe in God, and that in God’s house there are many rooms which Jesus has prepared for each and every believer. We are thankful through the tears that there is hope and that Anaya is happily rejoicing in her room with her Healer and Savior! Thank you all for loving on us again and on her as we celebrated her and what Jesus ultimately came to do, conquer death and give us the gift of eternal life with Him.

While we are back, we will be speaking at First Baptist in Northumberland, this Sunday on

January 7. We are thankful for the supporters and family that we have been able to quickly see during this time. We hope to be back on the east side for an official furlough in April-May. Please pray for safe travels back to Colombia next Tuesday, January 9.

Back in Colombia, Heidi (with Max) is holding down the fort. Mauricio has preached for Peter while we are gone, but we have been able to keep in contact with many while we are here. Thank you for praying for the youth camp as well that we had just before we left! It was a blessed time, and several of the students are still talking about it and the small chapel times that had impacted them. Peter also officiated Kate’s (Mauricio’s sister) wedding the day we left. Kate is moving to Canada, so we will miss her help in the ministries at church. Please continue to pray for Marissa and her visa situation; however, we are excited as she is allowed to come back for a short time starting soon.

God bless you all and thank you again! Enjoy the pictures below!

In love and for the Kingdom,

Jamie, Peter, (and Max)

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