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Ralph Venning: The Plague of Plagues!

Here are some thoughts from our brother on the ugliness and reality of sin, and all the consequences of the Fall upon ALL mankind, but One. The “Christian culture” around us today needs to hear these truths (and we need to be reminded often), because our view of sin and depravity is far too small, therefore so is our worship towards God, and far too infrequent our gratitude for what He has done for us!


Ralph Venning (1621-1674) "The Plague of Plagues!" written in 1669

"The wicked and the one who loves violence--His soul hates!" Psalm 11:5 

God hates man for sin! It is not only sin, but sinners that God hates--and that for sin! It is said of God, that He hates the workers of iniquity (Psalm 5:5); not only the works of iniquity--but the workers of it.

It is because of sin, that the merciful God says, "Their Maker has no compassion on them, and their Creator shows them no favor!" Isaiah 27:11 

This is the worst that can be spoken of the venom of sin, that in a sense, and to speak after the manner of men--it has put hatred into God Himself! Sin has made the Lord hate and destroy His own workmanship!


I would also recommend his work entitled “Learning In Christ’s School” (a condensed version can be found in the Puritan Paperback series).

May we praise God for rescuing us from ourselves, and from His holy wrath. May we praise God for the work of redemption by His man, the Holy One of Israel – Christ Jesus our God, Savior, and King!

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