God's Design for Men and Women cover

God's Design for Men and Women

Gender Roles and Their Place in the Life of the Christian
By: Stephen Lukens

God’s Design for Men and Women takes a look at some of the issues that arise within the discussion about gender and the place it takes in the life of the Christian. It examines those gender roles through examples laid out in the pages of Scripture. Following a narrative that begins with the creation story, in the book of Genesis, it continues through the Bible in order to attempt to create an understanding of what it means to live in the way that Christ has designed men and women to live.

Truth or Fiction cover

Truth or Fiction

A Dissection of the Roman Catholic Catechism
By: Stephen Lukens

Truth or Fiction is an attempt to demonstrate and relay the reality that the Roman Catholic Church holds to, believes, and teaches a gospel that is quite different from the gospel that has been held to and taught by the Protestant Church throughout history.
It attempts to bring a light to an issue that has largely been ignored in Protestant Christianity. It begins with an overview of the primary individuals that brought about the Protestant Reformation and some of the issues that they had with the Roman Catholic Church. It then examines individual pieces of the Roman Catholic Catechism so that it can refute those pieces by using Scripture as its foundation.

A Land of Shadows cover

A Land of Shadows

The Assured Hope of Things Unseen
By: Stephen Lukens

A Land of Shadows brings imagery to mind that attempts to relate a variety of effects and causes throughout Creation that glorify God or point to His attributes. It delves into thinking deeper about how the world was created and what purpose there was behind its creation. A Land of Shadows attempts to shed light into areas that most Christians have never considered, the manner by which Creation reflects and echoes the beauty of the Gospel, seen by all but understood by only a select number of people.


The Life Changing Experience With the God of All Glory

To know Him as He is to be known (by faith now, then in glory face to face) produces in the believer a ‘joy that is inexpressible’(I Peter 1:8 ESV)