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Colombia: Update From the Front

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Psalm 135:5a, "I know that the Lord is great,.."

Yesterday, it was a year since my arrival to Colombia. First, I spent a few months in Bogotá, then I moved to Medellín. There are so many words to describe this past year, but the verse above simply says, "I know that the Lord is great,.." and indeed He is! So much has happened in this past year from meeting new people, joining a great and God-fearing team, getting sick almost every other month, seeing several people and a family come to Christ, starting discipleships, the hardship of death, starting school again, a new nephew born, and to most recently just a week ago meeting my biological brothers! Through it all, the highs and lows, I can honestly say once again, "I know that the Lord is great,..." Thank you from the bottom of my little heart for all your prayers, emails of concern and encouragement, and financial help. We certainly serve a great and mighty God! If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to write an e-mail. May you all be blessed, and know that I am praying as well for you all!

Fo Da Kingdom,

Jamie :)


Pictured above- Peter preaching at the new church plant. We are averaging about 25 -30 people each Sunday. Two weeks ago, some new people came, including 3 kids, so the kids are growing in number as well! Please pray as we are seeking to already expand to a new building and deciding how to proceed with classes for the kids.

Juan David & Natalia These two little ones a few weeks ago finished The Story of Hope- praise the Lord! They are now able to fully share the gospel and it's been a joy to work with them! We will continue to disciple them and ask for your prayers as some tough things are going on right now in their household.

Jader and Julian It has been awesome to start Bible study with these two brothers! They are pictured here with their older cousin, Andres, who is one of the young men Peter disciples. I spend Thursday mornings with them, and three weeks ago when I was doing a review with them about the Flood, their aunt chimed in saying, "Noah! Noah is the man who listened to God! He is the one who built the ark!" Unbeknownst to me, she had been listening all these weeks!

The Friday Gang This is my little gang of bandits, including Mafe's (pictured below) two younger siblings. These guys are wild, but we have gotten halfway through The Story of Hope and have had some good and intense questions concerning Jesus, death, and why the world is so violent today. Some of them are facing rough issues in school so continue to pray for them and that God would be their comfort!

Mafe Maria Fernanda, or Mafe, is a girl I have been working with since arriving. We have gone through some of The Story of Hope but have also worked on different things as she is a growing teenager. Recently, she stood up to defend a girl in her school whom she found out was a Christian. "God is real!" she said. She has not made a profession of faith yet.

Calvin Matthew! My beautiful nephew was born on August 2, and I couldn't have been more happy! Well, I was sad to not have been there for the celebration, but I was video chatted in after the birth and got to see the little bubs. He is the cutest thing ever, and I can't wait to meet him!

Max-a-million Praise the Lord that after 4 long enduring months, Max is finally healed! He has no more parasite and has been wolfing down his food like no tomorrow. He is healthy and continues to make more friends than I do. I praise the Lord for a faithful companion like him.

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