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A Fearful Walk of Faith

Here is a great truth/reality declared by Matthew Henry from his commentary, that encouraged me this morning. May this be our goal, day by day, moment by moment, as we walk by faith with a holy fear of the Lord, as we seek to do His will with joy!


It must be with piety and devotion: The joy of the Lord is your strength. Let it not be a carnal sensual joy, but holy and spiritual, the joy of the Lord, joy in the goodness of God, under the direction and government of the grace of God, joy arising from our interest in the love and favour of God and the tokens of his favour. “This joy will be your strength, therefore encourage it; it will be your strength, First, For the performance of the other duties of the feast.” The more cheerful we are in our religious exercises the more we shall abound in them. Secondly, “For all that which you have to do in conformity to the law of God which has been read to you.” Holy joy will be oil to the wheels of our obedience.

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