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Bleeding Hearts

A few weeks ago I watched a video that a pastor named Jeff Durbin shared on Facebook. It was a video showing an abortion support conference. This video, is enough to make me sick and extremely saddened all in one. The people in the video talk about tearing babies apart, even if they are about to be born. It shows a sickness and evil in laughing about body parts falling into their laps. It is disgusting. The very fact that these things happen is enough to show us the grave error of our ways in America.

Abortion is evil. One hundred percent evil. The only reason that any person has an abortion is for their own selfish gain. Abortions are not done in humility or love. They are done out of hate and selfish preservation.

There is a song that the artist Trip Lee does called Beautiful Life (he has two parts to it) that lends a great description of what life is and what it should mean to us. Most Christians have failed miserably in stating these simple facts. We have forsaken God's call to defend the weak and needy. Instead we have given approval for one reason or another to those who commit such atrocities against the Lord our God.

There are many who would make excuses for reasons why it is ok to have an abortion, but these are merely that, excuses. God gives life, men do not. If we refuse to believe this, we easily fall into Satan's trap to destroy the life which God has begun. Two people can have sex their entire lives and no matter how hard they try, until God gives life to the eggs and sperm as they join together, there will never be life. It is He who gives life to everyone, no one becomes pregnant without God granting life to the baby growing in their womb.

Abortions should be stopped at all costs, no matter what. They have produced the biggest genocide in the history of the world, and yet people pay to have them done. Satan clearly is influencing people to do what their flesh desires, to attempt to destroy any recognition of God as the Creator.

May we all seek forgiveness for this evil we have wrought upon our country and may we stand up to injustice and try to stem the flow of evil being done to unborn children.

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