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May Newsletter

“just as it is written: “The righteous shall live by faith.” Romans 1:17b

“¿Cómo escudriñar la Biblia?” or in English, “How to scrutinize/examine the Bible?” is the name of the new Sunday School series that was started for adults an hour before regular service. Though there are few people, it has been amazing to see the growth in people and their desire to learn and ask questions! Peter rotates with Mauricio as they will continue to teach on this series for several more weeks and focus on the main points of several books of the Bible. Peter also continues in his series on Romans throughout the main service and it has been some heavy material to teach, so our prayer is that God guides Peter each week in every word and that it would reach the hearts of men!

In other news, we have enjoyed some visits over the past month and will continue with visits for the next three months! My brother, Julio, came from Bogotá on some work matters, and we are trying to share the gospel with him in hopes that he and other family members would understand soon! We also had the Robles who joined the ABWE Colombia team back in July, come to check out the Medellin life and ministries. Pray for them as they navigate the issues of getting visas for their two little boys, which our teammate, Marissa, needs prayer for as well! Due to so many confusing changes in regulations, Marissa has been denied several times even though she has handed in all the right paperwork; therefore, please pray God would give wisdom to the lawyers and others who are trying to help. With that being said, we will have someone else visit for ministry purposes this week, and then about 6 more people including a new couple who are praying about joining us in Medellin. It would be great to have more laborers to help with the harvest! A side note as well is that ABWE no longer will be accepting personal gifts on our part. If you would like to send a personal gift even if it is anonymous, please write a check in Peter Hudson’s name to 4630 N. Journey Place Meridian, ID 83646.

Other than that, we continue with youth group, kids club, young adults Bible study, SS for kids and adults, preparing classes, women’s ministry, lunches for the kids and recyclers of the neighborhood, discipleships throughout the week, visits to other missionaries, helping with birthday celebrations and homework, and learning the ins and outs of a fun, godly marriage. :) Thank you so much for your prayers! For the Kingdom, Peter, Jamie & Max

We celebrated Miriam’s 63rd birthday on April 3.

Down where I use to live with Heidi and Marissa pre-marriage, there’s a pool which is always a big hit for the kids and teens.

The kids did their first real song performance in church on Easter Sunday, and I must say it was such a blessing (and comical at times as we all know how kids can be) and full of many tears to see them sing and do the motions. They sang, “Somos La Luz” (We are the Light of the World) by Kari Jobe.

This is Monica and Nestor with whom we are doing marriage counseling. They are working on saving up for their little wedding at the church and their marriage license as well as preparing for baptism after they are married!

There is always time to goof off and have a little wrestling match once in a while! :)


  • On June 17th, it will be 4 years of God’s faithfulness at Esperanza Viva/Living Hope Church!

  • For people taking steps to serve at church

  • The start of a new Sunday School curriculum

Additional Prayer Requests

  • For growth with new discipleships: Eider and Braihen, Elzomarth Senior and Junior and the uncle, Luis

  • Process of purchasing the house

  • Upcoming wild months of visits

  • Teammate, Heidi, will be going on a short furlough

  • Some people have not returned to church, and we need to wisdom on how to approach that

  • Visa processing for Marissa and the Robles and Colombian citizenship processing for Peter

  • We grieve and are in prayer for the families of Texas who have lost their children and the teachers who died trying to protect them, for the shooter, and all those involved and that God’s perfect peace would be upon them

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