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Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad!!!

Today, the 24th, Colombia celebrates Christmas, therefore, we get to party hard an extra day, haha. :) Like many of you, we have been cooking, baking and getting things ready since most likely the house will have people throughout the day come in and go. We love the opportunity to serve our neighbors and community during this time, but most importantly, getting to share Christ's love with others and why we truly celebrate Christmas.

This past week, we held several "novenas" again throughout the evenings on different blocks in our neighborhood. Novenas are a Catholic, nine-day religious ceremony, during the time leading up to Christmas from Dec. 16-24, however, we have re-invented it to a more evangelical style. :) It has been fun singing, re-telling the Christmas story and sharing in some Colombian Christmas foods. YUM!

This year, like most years, certainly has presented its challenges, and we have some decisions coming up here soon about our house, some other personal things, and how to lead the church next year. In all of the wildness, we reflect this Christmas on God's truth, faithfulness and goodness to us. We also couldn't be here without your prayer and financial support, love, and grace to us. We are so very thankful for each and every one of you, and whatever circumstance of life you find yourself in this Christmas, may the One who formed and created you (Psalm 139:13), be your biggest gift of all this season. We love you.

For the Kingdom,

Peter, Jamie and Max

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