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Peter & Jamie Hudson

Pastor Peter has some great ways of teaching and preaching!

I, Peter, recently did a sermon series called “Síganme”, which means follow me, according to the Matthew 4:19 verse that Jesus will make the disciples fishers of men. That is truly my prayer for the church; that those who are taught and discipled will follow Christ and want to make others fishers of men. It has been a joy to see the church grow, not necessarily in numbers (although that is great as well!) but in the peoples’ desire to follow Christ. Some are starting to bring their own Bibles and others have offered to help serve in the church. We also have some new people coming, so please pray that they would feel welcomed, that they would want to join some of the Bible studies that are being offered, and that most importantly, God would be glorified in it all.

Mauricio and Elizabeth’s daughter, Abigail, was born and is doing well!

On Sunday, October 24, I, Jamie, pulled off a big surprise with the help of others to celebrate Pastor Appreciation Day. Peter and Mauricio had no idea, and we presented a video for them, thank you notes that were written and had a church potluck! (Poor Peter was up all night making meat to eat for our supposed guests we were going to have at our house for lunch after church, haha). I give thanks to God who has equipped my husband to lead the church and for Mauricio who preaches from time to time as well. It is not an easy job as many know, so by God’s grace and mercy, He will continue to lead Peter, my cool husband. :)

For the Kingdom, Peter, Jamie, and Max!

Prayer requests and praises:

  • Continued issues with the purchasing of the house.

  • Upcoming baptism class and continued discipleships.

  • Peter will be teaching a class in Bogotá at the seminary for two weeks from Nov. 15-26

  • Our partner, John Lopez, received his green card and he and his wife, Laurie, just got back a few days ago to Colombia!

  • Continued growth in Christ together as a couple and for whatever the future holds for us.

  • Pictured below right: It is a joy to serve Him in our house in Colombia alongside many others. :)

  • Please pray as my (Jamie) grandma’s health is deteriorating rapidly. Thankfully, Peter and I were able to see her probably for the last time while we were in the States this past summer. It is hard to be away in these times, but we know where she is going when her Father calls her home.

As we continue to catch both sides up on names, here are some more pictures!!

Top Left: Juan Pablo continues to come around on Wednesdays at 10 and throughout the week. He can be very sweet but also a handful, but he is slowly learning more Bible stories and what it means to tell the truth and how lies can hurt him and others around him!

Top Middle: We greatly appreciate your prayers for Sebas as he had been distant for a while from church. Food certainly helps as he has started to come back around again (even though he lives right in front of us, ha), and he is studying the Bible again with Peter. Pray for continued maturity in Christ!

Top Right: At youth group, the youth can be quite crazy and sometimes it is frustrating as they tend to not take things seriously, but they continue to come and we have seen growth in a few. Please pray for their hearts!

Bottom Left: On Monday, we had our virtual women’s retreat and it was a blessing to be a part of the worship team. Pray that those who heard the Gospel that day, came to know Him!

Bottom Middle: The college Bible study class has been going well. Some have invited their friends, and they are enjoying studying Acts!

Bottom Right: Rainy season is upon us and sometimes ya just need to be prepared to get wet walking to Bible Study!

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