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Our Help in Times of Need

About a month and a half ago I wrote a new blog post, spent over an hour writing it. I felt that it was a great expression of what I was feeling. Then, technology backfired. It deleted my whole post and copied one line over it. I couldn't recover it. I was saddened, as I felt that I had written exactly what my heart was feeling. I thought about trying to re-write it, but knew that I wouldn't be able to get it all the same as it was, so I didn't. Rather I left it alone and figured when I was ready to write a new post, I would.

Over the last week I have been struck with a couple of things. First, that thankfully this world is not my final resting place. My ultimate home is with Christ, worshiping the King for all eternity, where there will be no pain, nor suffering. My heart grieves for the many injustices happening in our world today. Second, that the Church must rise up to actually be the Church.

We serve a God of mercy and love. Yet, the two greatest commandments are cast aside with little thought to the fact that God loved those whom He has redeemed, before we loved Him. For, without His love, we would never have even desired to love Him. The greatest commandment is to love God, with everything and all that we have. To most, this is a joke, and definitely not something that is practiced by the majority of people. Small samplings of Christians live this way, yet, most of us (myself included) don't live to love God with everything that we have. We struggle daily to put aside our selfish desires and wants. So, if we are unable to love God in the manner commanded, are we really surprised to see that the second commandment, to love others, is so easily cast aside?

My heart breaks as I watch the hatred expressed in our streets, on social media, and in the manner by which the Church has seemingly failed to proclaim the truth. However, the Truth, the Gospel, is the only thing that will ever unite and bring peace. No amount of protests to an earthly corrupt government run by sinners will ever be able to bring about true change. Protests can open the eyes of some to see how distressed and hurt people are. But it won't actually change anyone's heart. People may look on and wonder about it, but then with the next event, will forget what they have seen and move on with their lives. The only way that true change and unity among people can happen is to preach the Gospel. Not a changed, man-centered gospel. But the actual Gospel.

God can heal any wound. He can change the heart of the most crazed evil-doer. Just because someone hates someone else for their perceived differences, doesn't mean that God can't redeem them. However, no amount of protesting, screaming, writing, blaming, begging, or hating will bring about that change. Only the Gospel, presented in all of its simplicity and complexity can bring about that change. To love God and love our neighbor. Those are the two greatest commandments. In order for healing to happen, we must first love God. If we don't love God, we cannot love our neighbors.

I have really been touched by a song by Evan and Eris recently. I believe that it expresses my heart in the midst of all of this. I pray that you give it a listen, as it's a beautiful expression of how we should yearn for God to heal us. You can find the song here. (

Let us pray for our country, our world. Let us share the Gospel with those who are hurting, proclaiming the beauty of God's love for His children, of EVERY tribe, tongue, and people.

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