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The State of Our Culture

Below are two links to a one hour program by James White on his thoughts on the state of our culture, as we approach the presidential election. It is in two parts because their computer crashed and he had 15 minutes more to finish up, when part 1 was cut off. PLEASE take the time to prayerfully watch/listen to what he has to say. I am NOT a political activist, nor am I telling anyone who to vote for. I try as a pastor to stay away from public political stuff so as to not cloud over the main purpose for the Church, and my main calling as a pastor to preach the Word of God (there are enough people who already think I am on Mars because I hold that ALL of Scripture is true, and that ALL of Scripture is given by God to guide ALL of our life as Christians not just our religious activities). And therefore I believe that as the Word is faithfully preached God’s people grow in wisdom, and by their renewed and constantly renewing minds they are to make decisions by faith, according to truth, according to their consciences - that are under the Lordship of Christ Jesus. Every Christian certainly has Christian liberties to do as they please in areas that are not sin (for example: what color clothes to wear, what kind of food to eat for supper, where to go on vacation, what team to root for, or what hobbies they like, etc.). But no one has the Christian liberty to sin and then claim no one has the right to call them to repentance because of Christian liberties (for example: some may argue that they have the right to steal because they have dominion over the world – not they need to repent, because stealing is always sin). ALL Christians are called by God to be conformed and transformed by the truth of Scripture – NOT personal opinion. With that said I have been pondering for a while to write my thoughts down with regard to the upcoming election, and the two wicked candidates that we are being given to choose from. And when discussions have taken place whether among Christians or among the world, for the most part passions/feelings have ruled the day, not wisdom or Biblical truths. We are at a crossroads as God’s people, we are being told that to vote for the lesser of two evils is God honoring, our Christian duty, a sin if we do not cast our vote because people died to give us this freedom. Where is that kind of logic found in Scripture? Where does the death of Christ come in, Who purchased a far greater freedom for His people? Where does His Lordship over ALL of our life come in? Where does do ALL for the glory of God come in? Where does, do ALL we do in love for our neighbors (especially the Church) come in? Where does our allegiance ultimately land? What country are we truly citizens of? What kingdom is truly worth dying for?

James White does a great job of looking at ALL of this through the eyes of faith and not from the position of a political activist. James just simply and clearly shares his thoughts on all that is taking place, and attempts to shed the light of Scripture and truth on all he states. I beg you to PLEASE prayerfully consider all that he has to say, and let’s seek the Lord on our knees/faces, so that we may be used of God to turn this nation from loving sin, wickedness, and all manner of evil; to the truth, the gospel, and the glorious God, Savior, and King that we worship, follow, and obey. And let us not be man pleasers, or look to man for our hope, purpose, and strength. But let us look by faith to Christ Jesus in ALL things, being equipped for every good work and deed, as we seek to do His will.

Here are the links to James White’s Dividing Line that he made in response to the many, many questions that he had received, and all that he has observed happening in our country over the past days, weeks, months, and even years. There is only one video podcast that is an hour long, but there are two links because of a computer problem, so that Part 2 is just the last 15 minutes of the program that were cut off:

May God help us to be obedient children in - a very disobedient age. May He help us to be wise in - a very foolish age. And may He help us to be holy in - an age of deviant perversion that is being applauded all around us. In other words may He help us be the Church, made up of sinners saved by God’s grace in, by, and because of Jesus Christ!

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